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The thick, leather-bound journal we have come to refer to as An Encyclopaedia of the Impossible World was discovered in a small second-hand bookshop in Varanasi, India. The entries are handwritten, the illustrations handdrawn, and all appear to be the work of a single, prolific author and, although they aren’t dated and don’t appear to be sequential, we estimate that the most recent was made as little as five years ago.


They describe a world beyond what we know, that we can barely find any traces of in our research and that might be completely fabricated. We may never be able to discover the truth of things.


We hope that the author of this journal is still out there, we hope that they find this record; we hope that they make contact.


why the blueberries?

The pages of An Encyclopaedia of the Impossible World are very delicate, and transcribing the words is a much easier task than producing faithful recreations of those illustrations which accompany the text.


We hope to be able to post those as soon as possible, but would encourage people to submit their own art to our gallery.

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